How to Fix Your Xbox

You see when given the chance, I play way too much Xbox than is healthy; healthy for my Xbox 360 that is!
When I’m into a game I simply cannot stop to give my Xbox time to cool (I know I should). One of my mates even bought me one of those drinks holders’ endurance cyclists’ uses, so they can drink whilst racing. He did it as a joke, but I actually use it while playing my Xbox!

Though be warned playing this much WILL eventually cause your Xbox to die.

Over 1/3 of all Xbox 360 will freeze or crash with what’s become known as Xbox 360 red rings of death or Xbox RROD.

90% of all RROD and e74 errors can be traced to the design flaw of the Xbox x-clamps that hold the CPU & GPU to the heatsinks. Being made of soft metal the x-clamps bend through heat, and take the motherboard with them. So breaking the soldered contacts between the important micro processors and the motherboard – so causing the infamous Xbox red rings of death / RROD.

I had no desire to delve into the insides of my precious Xbox 360. Being clumsy and awkward I’m just not a how fix Xbox type of guy.

If it had been a toaster I’d have a go – I prefer cereal anyway!

But not my Xbox!

My mate Steve, who provides an Xbox repair service as a part- time income, always said that “It’s simple and even a moron like you could do it”. Which didn’t really encourage me?

It was the fact my Xbox RROD’d (red ring of death) when Steve was away for 2 weeks. So I had to pluck up my courage and see if these Xbox repair guides, really were moron friendly.

Though not a how fix Xbox kinda guy, I am a good researcher, and though it took longer to trawl through the tones of advice on the net than the Xbox fix itself. It was worth it.

The Xbox repair manual’s I found were real easy to follow (they’re all video now).

So my advice would be to look for three things in a how fix Xbox guide:
1. Money back guarantee – These guides are instantly accessible, so if your Xbox is not up and running in 2 hours, claim your money back.
2.Always go for the video guides – I simply fired up the video, and followed step by step – simple.
3. Look at the bonus offers that come with the guides. Sometimes these are worth more than the guide!
4. Don’t try a DIY fix if your Xbox is under warranty, send it back to Microsoft.

You should have seen the pure delight on my girlfriend face as my Xbox 360 fired up GREEN again!
Another game playing marathon about to start!

Though I didn’t feel confident about opening up my Xbox myself, the how fix Xbox guide really did make the thing a walk in the park.

Simply watching the clear HD pictures, and following each step one at a time, really was as easy as it sounds.

It took me far longer to choose the guide to buy than the actual repair itself. But if you buy one of the how fix Xbox products offered with a 60 day money back guarantee, if you don’t like it for any reason, email them and your money will be refunded in 5 minutes.

Tip: Always keep your receipt email for reference if you decide to refund.

So if you want to return to game playing heaven, you know what to do.

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