Differences Between Old And New Xbox 360 Consoles

Xbox 360 Core: The Xbox 360 Core was released alongside the Xbox Pro in November 2005. The console was a basic one lacking a hard drive which meant you could not store games on it nor make use of Xbox Live. The console was also not compatible with titles from Microsoft’s first gaming console. One of the main issues with this console was the problem of overheating. This model was discontinued and replaced with the Xbox Arcade system.

Xbox 360 20 GB Pro:The 20GB Pro (also known as Xbox 360 Premium) was one of the consoles released in 2005. The console was capable of playing some of the titles from her groundbreaking console. Highlights of the console include the ability to play games in High Definition, connect with other gamers online and play games via Xbox live. In addition the console had a HDMI ouput with a resolution of 1080p. However this model was discontinued in August of 2008 and replaced with a 60GB version of the box at the same price. One of the problems associated with the Xbox 360 20GB Pro was the red ring of death which made the console to crash.

Xbox 360 Arcade: This system replaced the Xbox 360 Core in October of 2007 and was best suited for casual gamers. Like the “Core”, the system lacked a hard drive instead a 256MB internal memory was provided which was later upgraded to 512MB. Gamers requiring extra hard drive space could however purchase an external hard drive which could be fitted externally to the console. Also included were a wireless controller, HDMI-output support and five Xbox Live Arcade games. The Arcade system was replaced in August 2010 with the 4G Xbox Slim console.

Xbox 360 Elite: This system was released in April 2007 and featured a 120GB hard drive with a black matte finish. The Xbox 360 Elite was also capable of playing some of the old Xbox titles and had support for a wireless controller and headset. It also was capable of connecting to Xbox Live where the gamer could download games and engage in multi-online play. The system had issues among which were a noisy DVD drive and cooling fan.The Xbox 360 Elite console later replaced the Xbox 360 Premium 60GB for the same price and became outdated with the release of Xbox 360 slim version.

Xbox 360 Super Elite: The console first appeared in October 2009 and had some similarities to the Xbox 360 Elite however differed in that it had a 250GB hard drive and was packaged with two wireless controller. The Xbox 360 Super Elite has been sold as a bundle with the following games: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Forza Motosport 3, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST and Final Fantasy XIII.

Xbox 360 Slim: In June 2010 Microsoft released the 250GB slim model and followed it with the release of the 4GB slim model in August of 2010. The slim consoles are replacements for all old Xbox 360 models. The slim models were an improvement on previous consoles, fixing among others issues like loud fan noise and high power consumption. Also the Xbox 360 Slim models have built-in WIFI and are Kinect ready. In terms of design the 4GB has a black matte finish, while the 250GB version has a glossy black finish.

It has been highlighted by Microsoft that the new Xbox 360 models might last another four years due to the Kinect. What we have done so far in this review is to give you an overview of the major differences between the old and new Xbox 360 consoles. Whether you should buy one of the new Xbox 360 slim versions is dependent on your requirements.

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